KOPLAYER APK Install 1.2.0017

AN android emulator that doubles as a download hub for all of your APK needs

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    Windows 8.1 / Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows 8

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    8.0 (4)

KOPLayer APK Install is a program for users to install Android apps for Windows.

One of the biggest complaints about Android, generally speaking, is how the app stores are set up. While there are a few common threads between all of them, the biggest one is that they just don't work all that well. They lack the clean interface of Apple's OS and the ease of use one would expect on PC. As such, there's an interestingly large market for APK installers on the PC. These programs allow users to download and install programs from the computer instead of from the phone, making life easier on users of Android phones.

KOPLayer APK Install is a fairly basic, ad-free APK installer. As such, it doesn't do much more than you'd expect. It allows you to download APKs from the Google Store and install them on your phone. That's it - no root access, no flashy updates, nothing more than could fit in a 10MB install package. This isn't something that's going to allow you to take control of your phone, but rather something that's going to allow you to install apps without having to worry about hitting your data limits or abusing your wi-fi privileges.

There's not a lot wrong with this platform. It's a bit limited and the user interface could use a little polish, but that doesn't take away from the utility of the installer. If you want to install apps without relying on the phone's store, you're going to love the program. Just don't expect more out of it than it can give you. This is a simple utility, not a major game-changer.


  • Very easy to use
  • Cuts down on data usage
  • Easy access to Google store


  • UI could use work
  • Limited utility

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